Split bills

Now first time in money manager and budget app ever you can add transaction along with split the bills and send message for this to your friends, colleagues, relatives or anyone you want by just choosing contacts from list.


Support different categories of accounts such as bank accounts (include current account, saving account, recurring deposit account, fixed deposit account), lend accounts, borrow accounts (including loan and EMI), stocks, cryptocurrency, mutual funds (including one time and SIP), insurance (including life time and limited period), your wallet management as well as you can also manage your business in waller – money manager expense and budget.

Stocks and Cryptocurrency

Get Real time as well as historical values for stocks and cryptocurrency values with details of open, high, low, close on real time basis.

Other features


Those accounts which needs regular installments or has limited life span e.g. SIP or Recurring deposit accounts we provide automatic reminder for them to pay installments or expiry of accounts .

Real time financial news

For the people who continuously keep watch on market movements Waller – money manager expense budget split bill provide real time financial news and trends in markets.


We Support pie chart, line chart, bar chart, candle chart for data representation with filters based on transaction type (i.e. income and expense), and on the basis of period (i.e. day, month, year, custom).


Budget are divide into week, month, year and custom sections where you can keep track of your spending in your respective budgets.